Reimagined, freeing the angel

Initially, it was difficult to find my rhythm in this new phase of life referred to as retirement. It has taken time to fully sink in into my planner personality that I now control my time versus an employer. My husband is still working full-time, and I am sure he is anxious to move into hover mode with a to-do list for me if I am feeling up to it.

For the love of scotch!

Have I got news for him and for AARP!

I am putting everyone on notice that the word retirement will no longer be applicable with my new phase of life, and AARP can buzz off with their insistent solicitations. When anyone asks this dream-slayer if I am retired, I shall politely inform them I am not retired nor do I have a bucket list. I am reimagined with a box of dreams. My 83-year-old mother and others with or without frayed filters will surely ask, “what the hell does that mean?”

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” – Michelangelo

The word “retirement” does not mean we no longer dream and that we are only meant to kick some sort of bucket until death seizes us. Dreaming is for all ages. Dreams are the catalyst for personal change. Our dreams profoundly shape our identity, our happiness, our achievements, and our fulfillment.

I am not too old to dream.

As I was spring cleaning my dream box, I found there were some dreams that naturally did not fit me any longer while other dreams could be reimagined. Hence, I am reimagining this phase of life ready to free the angels.

The power and the grace to say, “No, perhaps another time.”

There is power in a routine where the mundane and trivial activities of everyday life become almost unconscious. It takes real cognitive effort wanting to accomplish something without getting bogged down in the details, especially when afflicted with a chronic illness. It was chronic illness that forced me into this newly reimagined phase. Do I dare say, “thank you?”

This is where the planner personality in me had lost her rhythm. I needed to learn how to set clear boundaries and expectations for myself and for others who may see me as “semi-retired” free to do anything at any time. Please accept my apology if I decline invitations or participating in activities. I have angels to carve and on some days with my limited strength in mind, body, and spirit.

Reimagined can truthfully be any phase of life. Whatever you see in the marble it is not too late to carve it and set an angel free.

AND for the love of scotch at least find a new analogy for a “bucket list.”


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