A Matter of Words

In the fall of 2017, I began keeping 3 words to live by for the following year to help me live authentically and purposefully. Below is my growing list of words:

2018:     Minimalism, Grace, Truth

2019:     Wisdom, Honor, Joy

2020:     Silence, Commit, Fulfill (verbs)

2021:     Mindfulness, Creativity, Discernment

2022:     Wholeness, Habits, Perspective

2023:     Patience, Independence, Stories

Quiet Thriving

8 Spiritual Wells – New Year Promises for Quiet Thriving

Goodness: moral strength
Kindness: exercise compassion
Self-Control: resist reaction
Patience: allowing reason to rule
Faithfulness: being true in words and actions
Gentleness: gracious in hardship and prosperity
Peace: free from anxiety and worry
Love: being rooted in gratitude and acceptance