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Sheri L. Prielipp – Falzone

As a long-time insomniac and a writer, I share my book reviews and stories from the nest as, The Blogging Owl.

I am a full-time financial services professional by day and  a writer by night.

My husband, Vinny Sal and I live in Michigan. Together, we have two sons who are currently away at college.  As a pet rescue advocate, my other two children, Barkley LeRoy and Penelope “Penny” Louise complete the nest. I am never one to hide my affiliations – I am a Christian, an avid sports enthusiast and protector of the environment. I am neither a Democrat or a Republican, but I do exercise my right to vote each election. I strongly believe we, as individuals, are so much more than mere labels.

The Blogging Owl

Great storytelling can open and close gaps in our own stories. And great storytelling is found in books, movies, poetry, paintings, and illustrations that are inspired by the tiniest notions of the infinite world around us. I look for those stories to share whether they are my own or someone else’s story. The Blogging Owl is from my own perspective and you may just find something here to open a gap in our own story for further exploration, or perhaps puts a punctuation mark on the last sentence of a chapter in our own life.

Email:  hoot@thebloggingowl.com

Twitter:  @TheBloggingOwl

Instagram:  thebloggingowl

Other website:  www.theprayerjournals.com – Twitter: @PrayerPrompts

Other website: www.theowlpoet.com

Other website: www.thecorkedowl.com


  • Michigan Writers Organization
  • Poetry Society of Michigan
  • National Federation of State Poetry Societies, Inc.
  • Realistic Poetry International


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