The Library

Fountain Pen

Inhaling the words like fresh air after a spring rain, she smiled. The scent of their meaning as newly plowed earth gives hope to the farmer, she heard her own voice between the furrowed lines. A photosynthetic confidence grew within this little country girl with each turning page that took her beyond the one-lane dirt road of her lonely existence. She found her calling in black and white.

world beyond
purpose held promise
in black ink

SL Prielipp-Falzone
© 2017

Forgive, learn from it, move on, be better

I don’t know anyone who is satisfied at making mistakes or who enjoys realizing they made a mistake, or worse, being told their mistakes. Whether one is new in a job position or experienced, beginning a relationship or well established in one, a mistake is never easy. Yet, the only pearl of wisdom I can offer to anyone, including myself is to forgive.

Forgive, learn from the mistake, move on and be better next time. Don’t know how? Pray about it.

And keep praying about it.

Believe something good will happen…

and it will.


Forgive Myself