Forgive, learn from it, move on, be better

I don’t know anyone who is satisfied at making mistakes or who enjoys realizing they made a mistake, or worse, being told their mistakes. Whether one is new in a job position or experienced, beginning a relationship or well established in one, a mistake is never easy. Yet, the only pearl of wisdom I can offer to anyone, including myself is to forgive.

Forgive, learn from the mistake, move on and be better next time. Don’t know how? Pray about it.

And keep praying about it.

Believe something good will happen…

and it will.


Forgive Myself

Repressing a Childhood



Repressing Childhood

Chasing pastels trying to make the most of today before it slips into yesterday. Darkness is riding my ass. One less day becomes one less day wanting to remember the names of a lovely pastel. And one more night, bearing its shadows is one less night of subduing shadows. Then, as night finally slips into yesterday, and dawn makes her debut into a palette of pastels I can live with, I press them one by one in between the pages of my journal.

the unconscious mind
dried flowers


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