Convening Optimism

Each of us can write a list of individual, local, national and worldly grievances, wrongs, and sins. We have just ended a year that seemed to rapidly replicate all these grievances, wrongs, and sins into an event that showed us the fragility of our union, if not our democracy in the United States.

Many of us are hurting perhaps even broken in ways uniquely our own but also certainly collectively in the United States. The coronavirus has changed the world for millions forever. The presidential election and the post insurrection has shaken us to our core.

You may think the Owl is peering through a pair of rose-colored glasses or has mixed a bit of scotch with her chemotherapy, but just hear me out. I know it may sound like I am begging you to go out on a blind date and we all know the success statistics on blind dates. It may also feel like I am asking you to to attend a dysfunctional family party on a non-obligatory holiday, and yes, I know statistics are not great there either.

Do me a favor though and repeat the Owl’s mantra after me:

Resist Reaction Reason Rules.

Now hold on to that thought…

What will it take for each of us to unite, to heal, to feel we belong and not at the expense of another person?

Or a better question: what can each of us invest to mutually diversify whatever risk we believe there is to ourselves to earn a better return for all of us in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

What will convince us that the other person’s well-being is just as important as our own?

As I mentioned earlier, too much negativity has and is ruling each of us. 2020 was the icing on that gluten-free cake!

I am asking that we need to dig deep inside our hearts and minds that goodness pervades reality. We may need to find the biggest shovel possible to dig really deep into our soul to find that goodness ultimately predominates over evil in the world. And let’s remember there are many people who have never known goodness and who have never felt they belong or that much has been taken from them which makes optimism an almost impossible choice to make.

But each of us must have the disposition to look at events of the past and the present as opportunities to work toward a favorable outcome. Too often we think of people as hopeless causes or the culmination of events to be too difficult to overcome.

The difficulty of hopelessness is not to convene in optimism through the persistent work of seeing the other side’s point of view, of the other side’s unbelief of being heard, and both not valuing that together we are better even in our God-given differences.

I am guilty as each of you are in our separateness. Let’s turn down the heat and convene together to educate ourselves in the optimism of listening and seeing each other and the world with truly an open heart of forgiveness, if possible. Conviction, if necessary.

I may never believe 100% in what you believe in and the same may be true of you with me. Yet optimism can bring us together to respect one another, to trust each other, and hopefully to openly believe, “I value you.”

Idealistic? Perhaps.

With an open heart and steadfast spirit nonetheless I invite you to convene in this pledge of optimism in a way forward for a better tomorrow that is inclusive and just for all.

If we do not try, we will all lose something very precious – the American dream.

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