Our Collective Voice

A couple of weeks ago, before the murder of George Floyd and the ongoing protests, one of my old schoolmates and Facebook friends posted on her timeline that if people were are upset about how their political leaders are handling the current pandemic or whatever the current circumstance they need to write or call their political representatives. She further added a personal example of contacting her political representative on an IRS issue and how it was resolved. She said she knows her personal representatives and their contact information and always has this information with her.

She reminded me of my own personal correspondence to the Democratic President of the United States, Barack Obama, and the Republican Governor of Michigan in 2010. I had lost my career in the wake of the economic collapse of 2008 at the end of August 2009. Over the course of 2009 and beyond, I had submitted hundreds, if not thousands of job applications and resumes with no success. I finally wrote a letter to both the president and the governor. It was the same letter and I had included my resume, recommendation letters and personal references. I was begging them to help me find a job even in their own administrations.

Let me step back and say that I did not vote for Barack Obama in 2008. I had voted for Rick Snyder for the governor of my state. Within weeks I received a letter from the president offering comfort and a commitment to get the economy back on track again. It was a letter signed by the president probably the same letter many other Americans received who wrote to him with the same grievance. I never heard from my governor, Rick Snyder. I am ashamed to confess that I did not vote for President Obama for his second term and I did vote again for Governor, Rick Snyder. Why? Because I had voted party lines since I was able to vote at 18.

What the 2016 Presidential Election taught me

In 2016, I voted for neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. I established myself as a firm independent voter by voting third-party.

I always thought in past elections, I was voting for the best candidate. I admit that I leaned conservatively, even though in some local elections, I had voted for a Democrat. Yet in 2016 after going through the economic collapse, financial and emotional hell since 2009, I was not going to be bullied or be taken for granted for my vote. Did I make a wise choice? Those in the Democratic party would say I threw my vote away and helped elect Donald Trump. Perhaps, but my conscious would not allow me to sleep at night by voting for either of the two main party candidates.

Our Collective Voice

In 2020 particularly after these last four months of living in a global pandemic, witnessing the murder of a black man by a police officer on television, and the political response of the President of the United States and my federal, state, and local politicians, I urge everyone to go to www.myrep.datamade.us. If you do not know who represents you in government, simply type in your address on this website and obtain a list of your representatives contact information including web links.

Our government representatives need to hear from each one of us. They need to hear our pain, sorrow, anger and most of all, but most of all, they need to hear what solutions WE have to the issues that concern us as individuals, as families, as business owners, as environmental citizens, as allies, and advocates for our communities and country.

Remember this date, November 3, 2020

I am not going to tell who to vote for on election day. I will remind you that on this day 35 Senate seats, all 435 House seats, 11 Governorships, and the President are up for re-election, plus one Supreme Court seat is at stake. If you are worried or angry about the direction government is going, VOTE!

On January 5, 2020, I posted here on The Blogging Owl, a commentary on a case for character, “2020 Election: Anyone for President?” It was not a commentary on whether our current president should be re-elected or not. I was simply laying out my case as to who can dramatically improve the ethical quality of life in America.

The responsibility is on each one of us to raise our collective voices to vote for candidates of character.

Just before posting this commentary one of my wise and dear friends gave me a piece of advice that her dad gave her a long time ago, “when you step out in leadership in any way, you become an easy target.” (Bring it!) It is time we each become leaders, so our votes are not taken for granted and we protect the democracy of the United States. We owe it to those we just honored last week on Memorial Day and for future generations.

On this #BlackLivesMatter and #BlackoutTuesday, let us make sure when we awake on Wednesday, November 4, 2020, that the leaders we have chosen are are committed to making sure no more black lives are lost to violence by anyone or any virus. May we ALL have equal opportunities to life, liberty, health, and happiness in this United States.

In closing

Let there be no doubt that in my house, I believe that Jesus Christ is Real, Black Lives Matter, Women’s Rights are Human Rights, No Human is Illegal, Science is Real, Love is Love, Kindness is Everything. I love my neighbor who does not look like me, think like me, love like me, speak like me, pray like me, or vote like me.

“Teacher, which commandment is the greatest in Moses’ Teachings?”

Jesus answered him, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the greatest and most important commandment. The second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ Matthew 22:36-39 (GW)

Stay Safe. Stay Well.


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