All Saints’ Day

The photo was taken by my friend, Christa Carr on November 1, 2016, All Saints’ Day. This photo touched my heart and today, I know why. The poem was inspired by today’s sermon and music played at my home church, Living Water Community Church.

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©2016 All Rights Reserved  – Sheri L. Prielipp-Falzone – The Insomniac Writer / The Blogging Owl; Photo Credit: Christa Carr, Stockbridge Michigan

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The Sea of Sorrow

Sea of Sorrow - Ludington

The Sea of Sorrow

Raging waves of grief
Pounding heart’s shore
A riptide’s powerful grasp
Taking sands with it

Winds stealing laughter
Tossing it to sorrow’s sea
The futile fight left adrift
Finally, gulping the loss

Light pierces the veil
Time abates the sadness
Leaving memories sparkling
Upon grief’s rippling ache

Windswept tears lay drying
On heart’s battered shore
Reminiscing all the footprints
And where the castles once stood


Written by: Sheri L. Prielipp-Falzone
© 2016 All Rights Reserved