2020 Christmas – Finding JOY!

What I miss this Christmas season is what I normally do at Christmas and that is attending traditional evening church services on Christmas Eve. There will be in-person church services, however, I am uncomfortable in this coronavirus and cancer reality that online services will have to do for me this Christmas season.

Leukemia has dampened my Christmas spirit coupled with fatigue and the coronavirus blues, it has kept our household from decorating and baking as in years past.

2020 will not be fondly remembered for many people. There will be more homes this holiday season with unexpected empty chairs whether forever or temporarily due to the coronavirus pandemic. Holiday parties this year will not be the same. There will be no welcoming each other with physical hugs and cheek kissing. We will not be clasping hands around the holiday dinner table to say grace or raising our glasses in unison.  Excited children anticipating what Santa has left them under the Christmas tree may not be as noisy this year. Many families this holiday season will be hosting socially distanced parties in our new technical age of using apps like FaceTime and Zoom.

Determined to find JOY!

How can we find joy when so many have lost loved ones or struggling to breath?

How can we find joy when so many are destitute and hungry?

How can we find joy when we have nothing to wrap?

Wrapping our memories

I was determined to find joy this Christmas season even if my surroundings and traditional holiday activities were different this year. I decided my family would wrap our memories this Christmas to open next year. I purchased vintage stationary and matching envelopes. Each family member will write their answers to the following questions:

What is my favorite Christmas memory?

What will I remember most about Christmas 2020?

What does Christmas mean to me?

Where did I find joy this past year?

We will wrap our memories in an envelope and place them under the Christmas tree. I will collect them and hold them until next Christmas – a time capsule to be opened when we can freely hug and kiss each other. After we gather around the dinner table clasping hands to say grace, we will raise our glasses in unison to toast our Christmas memories. Then each envelope will be carefully unsealed and read aloud to one another. May there be plenty of love and laughter perhaps a tear or two.

No longer will there be an empty chair because our memories fill each one!

There are plenty of twists you can make to your own Christmas or holiday time capsule. Not fond of writing? Make a video. You do not want to wait to open your memories next Christmas? Perhaps your family is postponing this holiday party until the New Year, write your memories now and unwrap them when you get together again. How about a Christmas in July party? Create your own Christmas time capsule with anticipation and excitement! Find joy in your own memory activity!

Memories cost nothing and they may be the most valuable gift we can share with those we love and cherish.

I hope you find JOY this Christmas holiday season!

Christmas 2020 Blogging Owl


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