Reflections: A Mother’s Journal

The sights and sounds of spring always bring to my mind mothers and children. And as the days led up to Mother’s Day, my daily journal reflected on my childhood, my mother, my childhood and being a mother too.


as they grew
the Lord took her hand
she blossomed too


tangled roots
buried in childhood
tripping me


how the grow
lilies of the field
yellow bus


barbed wire
her spoken prayers
the sparrow


a tether
between young and old
mother’s will


how are you
she hears something else
my mother


my first nurse
without a degree
mother’s love


wiped with
a downy feather
mother’s tear

left behind
echoes of their song
empty nest

The rooftop
Singing her prayers
The sparrow


used to be
silence was golden
empty nest


vibrant hues
a floral bouquet
mother’s pride

Mother's Day

A Mother’s Advice: Stay True

Recently, I had dinner with friends I had not seen since last summer. We sat over cocktails catching up on family activities, surgeries, and our children. Both of my sons are in college. My oldest son is a college junior pursuing a Fine Arts degree majoring in photography and is still considering his minor area of study. My youngest son is completing his freshman year and has already changed his field of study back to his original love of cultural anthropology with a minor in philosophy. His original college degree consideration was an international business with a minor in marketing.

Of course, whenever I discuss my sons’ college majors, the first questions I receive are:

What type of job can he get with that degree?
How many jobs are available for that career?
Will he be able to earn a living?

As a parent, I understand the basis of these questions. Fine art and anthropology degrees don’t conjure up wealth and prosperity like business degrees. But I have always advised my sons to “pursue your passion and you will find your purpose. You will find a way to earn a living and support your family.”

From an article written in Forbes by Paolo Gallo, Career Lessons from Steve Jobs, Bruce Springsteen and Snoopy, “Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, said in his commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005 that we should look in the mirror each morning wondering: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today?” He added that, if the answer was negative for too many days in a row, it would be time for a change.”

Negative tapes

My passion growing up was to be a writer, journalist, or editor. I remember sharing this idea with my father across the dinner table late one evening when I was sixth grade. I had written a story and my English teacher had written positive feedback on my school paper. Encouraging my father to read it, I told him I wanted become a journalist and I had even set my sights on where I wanted to go to college. As usual my timing of this big discussion was ill-timed, he was drunk. Not just drunk, wasted drunk. But then again, my timing would never be correctly timed because every night was the same. My school assignment was in the exact same place on the kitchen table the next morning. His silent answer told me all I needed to know. I would never make it as a writer.

Throughout my childhood, anything I accomplished was always met with the same response from my father, “Girls can’t do that,” or other similar responses, but the worse response was his silence which was the response I received that evening long ago. His silence, whether drunken or in rare sobering moments left with me wondering about my own abilities.

My father didn’t keep me from pursuing my passion. I did. I allowed the negative tapes from my childhood to keep playing in the back of mind. I wasn’t going to allow those negative tapes to become a legacy tape for my children.

I pursued the business route, climbing the ladder, and earned a very good living despite those negative tapes. But that path still led me to an upsetting end in 2009 when the U.S. economy collapsed. I might add however, I still could have been an out of work writer too. My point is, no career is guaranteed but doing what we love doing gets us through the night, if not the day.

My path

I have learned a lot over the last seven years about myself, commitment, pursuing passions and earning a living. But the number one lesson for me is material wealth should never be the goal unless that is truly your passion.

Everyone’s path is different and everyone’s concept of success is different.” Jim Gaffigan

I am currently working in a job and for a company I enjoy. It provides the necessary income to pay the bills and invest in a 401(k). While the job doesn’t fulfill my passion for writing, it does allow me to pursue my love of writing when I am not at the office.

If I had started my career with the lesson of material wealth, not being the goal, but the goal of pursuing my passion, I may have had more than one published book by now. Would I now have material wealth? Maybe. Maybe not. The point is I didn’t stay true to myself.

Motherly Advice

My advice to my sons is not just for their career, but how they approach their future.

“Stay true to God, stay true to You, stay true to your dreams,” I advise, “You will find a way to earn a living and achieve happiness if you continue pursuing your gift. Ultimately, your ‘gift’ leads you to your purpose.” Sheri Prielipp-Falzone

I remembered an argument from someone a few years ago when my first son was graduating from high school. I believe the argument derived from the television show, American Idol. The person’s argument was that these kids were being given bad advice as to not to give up their dream even though it was obvious they could not sing and achieve stardom.

I’m sorry. I didn’t buy his argument that we should pee on someone’s parade.

While I agree they may not achieve top of the chart stardom, they still can have the passion to be a part of the music industry in some fashion. Perhaps their voice simply leads them to explore and expand their musical expression in a different form of success.

“Attitude, not aptitude, determines altitude.” Zig Ziglar

I am happier now than I have ever been in my life having gone through the last seven years of rejection, reinvention, and renaissance. I certainly don’t want my sons taking a lifetime to figuring out their purpose here on earth. Our purpose involves the gifts God has blessed us in our abilities. He has blessed each one of us with a passion to pursue.

My career advice despite your age

Write down all your responsibilities, talents, and abilities. Divide all three into columns of what you can do but would rather not do, like to do and don’t mind doing, and then what you really like to do. Let’s face it. We all have to do something in all three columns in our career, but concentrate on what you really like to do. Even if it is just a day job and you are pursuing your dream elsewhere. This is the path I took in developing my own contracting business and now into full-time employment.

Stay true

I am staying true to my dream of writing. There is still a lot of ink in this fountain pen, and I aim to keep writing. As for my sons, they are doing outstanding in their chosen disciplines at college, and I have no doubt, they will be successful in life too.



Sheri’s Rules for Football Season 2016

2016 Rules

It’s that time of year again.

This is the 2016 edition of “Sheri’s Rules for Football Season.”

Every year these rules are updated because friends, family, and newcomers are willfully absent minded or ignorant of this very special and exciting time of year. Also, some of you find new and inventive ways to break the rules in which causes me to update them season after season.

So let’s start with the basic rules, shall we?

1) The Detroit Lions and the Michigan Wolverines are the MOST important games. It is critical that Sheri’s Rules be followed particularly when these two teams are playing. With that said, however, it is essential for you to understand that if ANY football game is on, you MUST obey the rules.

To help you abide by this rule, I have listed below important links to the 2016 football schedules. Please print, post, and/or save to every communication device: smartphone, laptop, iPad, desktop computer, and front door or car dashboard (if you plan to visit me).

2) For all of you who feel that the preseason games do not matter, I say, “What kind of football fan are you????” Hell yea! They matter! Sorry, but Sheri’s Rules apply whenever football is on. Period!

Oh! For the love of scotch!

3) KNOW football rules and terminology! I don’t have time to teach you. The game is on!!

If you know how to use Google Chrome or if you are an oldie, Internet Explorer, here are links to both professional and college rules:

There are NFL rule changes for the 2016 season, so study up!

The NCAA charges $7.80. It’s worth it if you don’t want a penalty:

4) 2016 NFL Officials Roster. Why provide a link? Two names: Ed Hoculi and Gene Steratore are my favorite officials. You know I will be watching their games.

The “B” Exception Rule

I am posting the “B” Exception Rule first this football season rather than last so you can see that I have a heart in certain instances, but the exceptions are extreme B’s. Remember these “B” exemptions when reading the rules below because I can only be interrupted under these circumstances.

B1: Blood

Bleeding that needs medical attention, let’s say a blood infusion is necessary. Okay, now that falls under the “B” Exception Rule.

B2: Broken Bone

A broken bone must be a major bone in the body. A broken finger, toe, or other small bone can wait. Here’s a bag of frozen peas.

B3: Barfing

You barf, I barf. It’s that simple. It could even be the dog barfing. For those who know me very well, even simulated barfing gets me up and out of there. However, any simulated barfing pranks will mean monetary penalties.

B4: Booze

Too much to drink? Do you need a ride? Uber will be right over to pick you up.

B5: Barking

This “B” Exception is for my adorable fur kids, Penny Louise and Barkley LeRoy.


NO barking unless it is to alert Mommy that someone is at the door to interrupt Mommy’s football viewing pleasure without written prior consent. If so, you have my permission to greet them as you choose. I know how much you love mommy.

Sheri’s 2016 Rules for Football Season

1) NO telephone calls during game time.

How many years have I been posting this rule? Yet every season (Mom) I must once again repeat how easy it is to follow Sheri’s Rules for Football Season. If you really need to call versus other permissible avenues, I have a brief window at half-time, otherwise, all emails and telephone calls will be returned the next business day.

2) NO drop-in visits during game time.

I am a perfunctory listener when it comes to drop-in visits during football games. Perfunctory meaning “lacking interest, care, or enthusiasm; indifferent or apathetic.”

3) NO invitations during Sheri’s football blackout period from August through February.

I get people. There are holiday parties, babies being born, weddings or some other congratulatory events that just can’t wait, but seriously, save the R.S.V.P. stamp. Your gift is in the mail.

4) NO begging for snacks, treats, or special attention.

This goes for all three of you – Penny, Barkley, and Vinny Sal – No whining, crying, sad puppy dog looks, or laying your ball toys or head forlornly in my lap. My eyes will be firmly fixed on the television screen.

5) NO snoring! – NEW RULE this season

Nothing is more irritating than snoring. For the love of scotch! Go in the bedroom and take a nap!

6) NO texting.

The only way to bend this rule is to congratulate me on an outstanding game, unless of course, a “B” Exception rule applies.

7) NO Facebook – NEW RULE this season

In past seasons I may have posted a few bait and bets on my personal Facebook page. In turn, others may have tagged me on some posts or memes that were condescending to one of my teams. To which I would counter, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but scotch will never hurt me.” (I know that line doesn’t make sense but neither do their posts.)
Because there are so many hateful political posts and discussions on Facebook due to the upcoming presidential election, I am declaring the 2016 football season a “NO Hate Zone” even for that team in OHIO.

Twitter: @TheBloggingOwl #SheriFootball

Be advised that my language may become a little colorful. Football brings out the best and worst in me. Follow me @TheBloggingOwl at your own risk.

GameOn Cancer Fundraiser


Game On Cancer is a joint partnership between Henry Ford Health System and The Detroit Lions. 100% of funds raised through Game On Cancer are used to assist cancer patients and their families. Our mission is to remove any barrier or burden, financial or otherwise, that limits or prohibits cancer patients from receiving care and treatment.

By assisting vulnerable patients, their families, and their caregivers with the “hidden” costs of cancer, we are ensuring access to treatment for all – serving one patient at a time…treating beyond the cure.


Support Game On Cancer by making a donation or by joining our team to help Henry Ford Health System and the Detroit Lions in TACKLING cancer!

Follow this link to see how you can help my team tackle cancer:

I’m ready, are you ready?

Each year I keep adding to the rules. For the love of scotch people!

Respect the game. Respect the rules. 




Respectfully, #SheriFootball