Discerning a way forward

I was going to post last weekend regarding my third word that I had chosen as one of my three words to live in 2021. My previous posts highlighted the first two words of creativity and mindfulness. Ironically, the third word is the word, discernment. Ironic because it is the same type of procrastination that led me to choose the word discernment as one of my three words to live by in 2021.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021: An infamous day of sedition led by a sitting U.S. President who lost re-election of the office.

Was my procrastination a heightened discerning sense of some kind that would better convey my purpose for choosing the word discernment?


Dictionary.com defines discernment as:

“Verb (used with object): to perceive by the sight or some other sense or by the intellect; see, recognize, or apprehension; or to distinguish mentally; recognize as distinct or different; discriminate.

Verb (used without object) to distinguish or discriminate.”

Discernment for many people takes on a spiritual connotation.

I am in that spiritual crowd. However, I do not believe that one must subscribe to a particular religious faith or any for that matter to have the power of discernment.

I chose the word discernment because of my reflection of 2020. I know. Many people want to quickly forget 2020. I would certainly like to forget it too if it were not for my leukemia diagnosis in 2020. Funny, not ha-ha, but rather sadistically how cancer does not want to be forgotten on any day.

It is because of my faith that I can only speak about my discernment of last year. I believe that my best summer in many, many years was an indication of what was to come personally for me. In fact, in my state of mindfulness on my summer vacation, I thought about cancer. I thought about all the trauma and hardship over my life and how I was finally at peace with all it. I am on the downside to retire in the next several years and I am finally enjoying my life where I am at if not in total balance of mind, body, and spirt but firmly on my way there. I asked myself as I floated on Lake Michigan under a cloudless bright blue sky with an egg-yolk sun overhead, ‘what if suddenly I had cancer or I lost someone I loved?’ 

Six weeks later I was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). I was shocked but I am determined in my remission mission. 

Was the power of discernment at that moment preparing me?

That memory powered my reflection to think of other events and decisions I made in 2020. I realized there were other signs of a lack of a better term that showed me, how in my opinion, that would personally distinguish the year 2020 far beyond a global pandemic, an explosive divided political nation into a personal reckoning of that delicate balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Last Wednesday, January 6th as we saw the nation under siege, there is a long way forward in actualizing the power of discernment.

I am truly disgusted and grieved in the actions of a hostile mob that would disrupt and destroy our U.S. Capitol and cause the death of not only some of their participants, but one who bravely stood to protect a national monument, a symbol of our democracy, and those who serve our nation. The actions of last Wednesday were an affront to all political parties and to all Americans.

As I have declared on many posts to this blog over the years, I am a conservative Independent who believes in diversity and inclusion, the choice for men and women to have the power to make decisions over their own individual bodies; I believe in life from womb to tomb and that also means that I am against the death penalty. For me to be a better ally for all Americans and peoples around the globe, I have work to do with the developing the power of discernment by falling back to my own personal mantra that I sometimes forget and that is “resist reaction reason rules.”

What discernment means to me

… Resist reaction, be mindful, but more importantly, acutely listen to all five of my senses empathetically, intellectually in mind, body, and spirit. Discerning the moment in this way is the only way forward to actualizing the power and purpose of becoming the person God needs me to become.

My prayer for this morning

In my blog series, Today’s Reality, I posted on December 19, 2020, that each year has 365 fresh starts. As I meditated on today’s fresh start, I began with reading Psalm 139 and I wrote in my prayer journal:

“I believe that You, God can fortify and protect my thought processes far beyond where I can go. The same spirit that fed the life of Jesus Christ will feed the life of my spirit. I must allow my mind to meditate on the great, massive truths of You, God.

If I am struggling with sin of any kind, I ask you, God to show me how grievous it is to You and for me to look at it from Your perspective. I cannot just be sorry without truly carrying out my repentance with action. I rely on God’s power and truth to overcome every temptation.

Today, is a fresh start. May I start again with spiritual discernment to reflect the true nature of Jesus Christ. Amen”

A way forward

You do not need to believe as I do spiritually to becoming a person of wise discernment. I do believe, however, that one must be a person of character to develop the power of discernment. It is our only way forward.

Congratulations to President-elect, Joe Biden, and Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris!

Today is a fresh start.

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