IF I am being honest, kick-starting life’s joyride!

As I mentioned in my post, Today’s Realty: The Good Place, each year has 365 fresh starts. While 2020 was a harsh year for almost anything to get accomplished, I gratefully have been remotely employed full-time. It does not seem like I have gotten much traction on the work front, however, I did receive promotions in April and September, and moved to a specialty team just this past week. If I am going to keep up in 2021, I need a fresh start in mind, body, and spirit!

If you are a new follower of The Blogging Owl, this post is part of a series, IF I am being honest – my journey to wellness in mind, body, and spirit. Read my previous posts in this series under this blog’s category file: IF I am being honest (A Series).

IF I am being honest, I need a kick-start to life’s joyride.

I have talked a good game prior to 2020 and even had made some headway with my intermittent fasting regimen. I lost 27 pounds only to regain all of it in the pandemic lockdown. Now the stakes are even higher because of my leukemia diagnosis three months ago.

A fresh start starting today with new goals.

Goal 1: Gluten free

Fresh vegetables and clean protein on a 12-12 intermittent fasting (IF) schedule for the next 2 weeks, following by another 2-week 12-18 IF schedule, and then maintaining a 20-4 IF schedule with an occasional 23-1 IF day to mix it up.

Goal 2: Minimizing sugar

We are in full swing of the holiday season. Yet, I will make the conscience choice to begin minimizing sugar. I know from experience with intermittent fasting that sugar will become less of a desire.

Goal 3: Water, water, and more water

I never really gave up my water consumption this past year. It is even more important now that I continue to drink at least 96 oz. of water daily due to my daily chemotherapy.

Goal 4: Fun exercise

Indoor trampoline, Pilates bar, kettle ball, yoga ball is my go-to exercise for stretching, building my core, and providing a safe exercise routine for building my core, increasing flexibility, overcoming fatigue and depression.

When warm weather returns, my goal is to make it a practice to walk outside daily and resume Sunday afternoon golf games with husband, Vinny Sal. Swimming is on tap at my favorite place on earth – Lake Michigan. Pure joy is spending time outdoors in places I love, with people I love, or simply pure solitary daydreaming.

Goal 5: Prayer and meditation

I am an early riser. My pups AKA editors, Barkley and Penny make sure of it. Yet I really enjoy that quiet time for daily prayer and meditation in the early hours of the day. It really does set the tone for my day.

Goal 6: JOY

Joy is actually my first goal but let me just say that finding joy wherever and in whatever is an extension of all my goals.

Joy for me is found in feeding the birds and wildlife right outside my window. It is so entertaining to watch the birds, squirrels, and rabbits out in the yard. Our neighbor’s cat, Steve, is really a community cat. He takes up residence wherever he feels like it. He can be often seen lying in the middle of the road, on someone’s front porch, my landscaping or casually watching the bird feeders outside my office window.

Joy is reading, writing, or daydreaming. Instead of scrolling social media in 2021, I have made a pact with myself to continue to explore my creative self wherever that leads me. Poetry, creative writing, blogging, gardening, crafting, and so on. My goal is to leave the noisy world, I cannot control at a social distance and out of earshot.

Joy is not being perfect in all I do, but doing the job, the activity, being mindful and present with an impressive level of commitment.

Joy is being with the people I love and whose company I genuinely enjoy, whether it is in the same room, miles apart, or across the country or continents even if it has to be by telephone or email. I need to remember just because someone was in my life at some point, family, friend, or merely an acquaintance does not mean they can stay in my present life. Healthy boundaries are critical to attaining and maintaining joy.

IF I am being honest, I think we all could use a kick-start in 2021!

Why not join me in making a fresh start today? My goals are not your goals. Set aside some time to reflect on our own goals to kick-start your life today. I think we all could use more JOY in our lives.

Cheers to JOY in 2021!

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