COVID-19: The Positives

While the pandemic and the political environment continues to spiral downward, I asked family and friends on my personal Facebook page whether there was anything positive (not coronavirus-positive) they have personally experienced in the first 6-months of 2020. Here are a few of their responses:

“I lost weight and I moved to a new city.”

“Little things don’t bother me. I am not working as much so I have more time with my grandkids. We are not promised tomorrow, so I take everyday as it comes and make the most of it.”

“My house is cleaner!”

“I am trying to slow down and take the little things. Spending more quality time with the kids, doing things outside as much as I can, stopping and watching the kids play and such. We aren’t promised tomorrow, and we have to live for today. I want to soak up as much as I can.”

“I have finished several books and art projects.”

“For the first time ever, I have flowers that haven’t died yet! Lol”

“I have taken the time to learn new things. YouTube has been my friend. Now that I have been spurred, I hope every day I can continue to learn. I’m kinda getting into natural remedies, cleaners, and beauty products as a latest fad.”

“My anxiety and stress level has decreased greatly. I have lost 38 pounds. I am much happier!”

“As crazy/stressful as it has been trying to work and parent, I feel like my little man and I have an even stronger bond.”

“More sleep without the daily commute. Also, my boss has trusted me to do things without his input since so much work has to be done. I am reviewing 2 contracts now and he is letting me take the lead, which is a lot considering he is an attorney and is detail oriented by nature.

Also being in the middle of the crisis, relationships have flattened out not only in the office but everywhere in the healthcare field. (Paraphrasing) My work life has improved, and everyone gets along better and has overall been positive which has been a confidence booster.”

“My brothers and I sold my mother’s house! I sold mine. Super excited to be down to one house to take care of.”

“I am honestly more relaxed. I got married and I have had time to reconnect with family.”

“I would like to say so, but all I can come up with is that I have done less housekeeping and learned there are some quality television shows on NetFlix, Prime Video, and Hulu. I hadn’t watched TV in decades!”

“In one word, no.”

“Yes, I retired and now in culinary school. Best decision ever!”

“More time to focus on friendships/relationships. I am growing my business.”

“We’ve spent less money because we are at home more. We have been able to get some projects done.”

My Positives

I am grateful that I have been able to work remotely 100% of the time. Since working remotely, I have spent less money on gas, vehicle maintenance, clothes, shoes, cosmetics to name just a few of the larger expenses. It has also given me the unique opportunity to work largely from my northern Michigan retreat near Lake Michigan.

Heaven's Lighthouse PlacqueUnfortunately, I have gained weight back that I lost while I was diligently doing intermittent fasting. The pandemic did away with that since my husband made use of his lock-down time in the kitchen. I have had bouts of anxiety and restlessness, however, as summer approached the emotional weight came off and I drifted peacefully on the waves of Lake Michigan after work each day.

One of the greatest positives outside of working remotely is I have realized that I don’t need all the stuff I own at our home in southeast Michigan. I can live with a lot less stuff in a smaller environment. My family, pups, books and cherished photos and few family heirlooms are all that I need to be happy. And when my favorite season, summer comes to an end, I will be doing a wholesale de-cluttering of the house. I will donate what I can and trash the rest and no more saving because I may be able to reuse, re-purpose, or fit it into it sometime in the future. As some of my family and friends have stated, we are not guaranteed tomorrow (or that I will lose enough weight to fit into half of my wardrobe and have it still by in style).

Another positive is that I have become fully aware of people in my life who share my values and who care about me. I have lost some old relationships, but I have gained new ones too. In that process of accepting and letting go, I have done a tremendous amount of soul searching and looking inward to understand who I am and how I want to live the remaining days of my life. As others have posted, I want to make the most of every day and soak up as much as I can including learning something new. I want to bridge the divide where possible and leave behind what is unworthy.

Not everyone has seen positives in 2020 and it is difficult to see hopeful signs these days. I won’t share my views at the risk of furthering the divide in this country. Yet what I would encourage those who are un-hopeful and who have not experienced anything positive in 2020, look inward and take that which is in your control – clean your house, water the flowers, find your peaceful space, learn something new, stay connected to those who love and value you, and you will find peace in mind, body, and spirit. Don’t forget to take time out each day to meditate whether is in prayer, journaling it out of your system, or both!

And for the love of scotch! VOTE in November!

Wear a mask. If we all do, this pandemic may end sooner rather than later. We can hug one another and cherish the time we have together in person.


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