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Debut Novel Book Review series is coming to The Blogging Owl website.

I love reading debut novels of any genre and for any age group. My debut novel book review series will review the book’s story and character development, as well as the prompting for the selecting the debut book for review. Was it the book jacket’s book description or simply the aesthetics of the book jacket? The author’s bio? Who, if anyone, recommended the book for my review? In addition, I will provide my first impression and lasting impression of the book.

5 Hoot Rating

5-Hoot Rating Scale

5-Hoot Rating – Outstanding debut book and a must-read recommendation.

4-Hoot Rating – Excellent first novel by the author.

3-Hoot Rating – Good, but here is why it does not merit at least a 4-Hoot Rating.

2-Hoot Rating – Okay, and here is why it was not good in my opinion.

1-Hoot Rating – I do not want to finish reading it. Rare, but it happens.

Whenever I give a 1 to 3 Hoot Rating, I am asking myself, as a reader, would I consider reading a third novel should the author get as far as completing a second published novel. Everyone, including authors deserves a second chance, however, I may not read the third novel. Even an owl has just so much time and patience with the writing craft not to mention the number of new books to read.

Debut novel selection

My approach to this debut novel series is as an average reader. I do not read prior book reviews from anyone on any book review platform such as Amazon, Goodreads, etc. I also do not accept free books to review. No one, including authors, should give away their work. Their time, tears, talents, and panic attacks deserve to earn them at least the cost of the book. I pay for the books that I review on this website. I will also share my debut novel review across my social media platforms, including tweeting the publisher and author. I will consider self-published books for review.

Debut novel recommendations for review

I usually find my debut novels to review by strolling the aisles of bookstores, tweets from the #writingcommunity and other hashtags on Twitter, or from family and friends. Anyone can email me a debut novel recommendation at Hoot@TheBloggingOwl.com with simply the debut book’s title, author and publisher (ISBN is helpful). I cannot promise I will read every debut novel recommended to me or that it will be read within a certain time-period. I do have a day job, including my own writing and blogging. I do promise, however, to seriously consider all debut novel recommendations. I will also respond to those who recommend a debut novel with review link when the review has been published on The Blogging Owl website.

What makes my reviews worth reading?

Because I am the average book buyer and reader. Although I fully support libraries, I do not wait to read books when they finally appear on the bookshelf at the local library. I actively look for books to read for pleasure and to escape from the nonsense of this world. I review debut novels, so others can enjoy reading these books too. And lastly, I enjoy supporting new authors. I hope to be one someday too.


#BloggingOwlHootsBooks Review Club

I will be using the hashtag #BloggingOwlHootsBooks along with other relevant hashtags when reviews are mentioned on The Blogging Owl Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Be sure to follow me on these social media platforms!

Debut novel recommendations for review can be emailed to me at Hoot@TheBloggingOwl.com. Send me a hoot today!

Stay writing. Stay Reading. Most of all, stay safe and stay well.


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