Trust: A Choice and a Heavy Lift

I do not believe in horoscopes although I do read them occasionally. My horoscope in today’s Sunday edition of The Detroit Free Press read:

“Anyone can read subjects in agreement with their beliefs, but the wise and exceptionally intelligent grows their minds by spending time with ideas different than their own.” (Aries)

In the TV Weekly section of the same newspaper edition, my horoscope read:

“Personal growth, religion, philosophy, publishing, the Internet, travel and study are some of the subjects looming large for you as the full moon eclipse fires up. Have you been fussing too much over the details of your latest problems or tasks? Step back and look at the big picture.” (Aries)

Trust is a choice and a heavy lift

What I have been ruminating over these last months in pandemic lock-down is the truth and impact of my writing voice. I have a responsibility with the content of my writing and the words I choose to use to convey what is useful. I have always tried to think and write in a balanced way; however, I am a person too who has deep desires and convictions of my own.

Do we ever truly know our voice?

Am I a thought provoker?

Am I a healer?

Who am I as an individual?

As a writer?

Yes, these are the questions I have been fussing about over the last months and even why these questions are so important to me.

Why are these questions important to me?

Why can’t I just live life like others on Facebook who only post their vacation photos and dinner plates?

Why cannot I just leave the world turning as though it does not affect me in the slightest?

Why do I assume the outside world does not affect these Facebook friends and perhaps they just choose not to vocalize it?

Why is it important for me to vocalize and write my food for thought?  Here on this blog, in my writing, or on social media?

My writing DNA

I received a corporate communication last Friday that spotlighted the role of an ally.

“An ally is any person who actively promotes and aspires to advance our culture of inclusion through intentional, positive and conscious efforts that benefit people as a whole. More specifically, allyship is a lifelong process of building relationships based on trust, consistency, and accountability with traditionally marginalized individuals and/or groups of people. Through allyship, individuals can empower and employ the voices and actions of others.”

I saw this corporate communication after I posted this on my personal Facebook feed earlier in the day:

FB Friday

Because of the divisiveness in this country, I have steered clear of making overt political statements (not always successful, I may add). The name-calling is particularly divisive on both sides of the political aisle or issue. I have made conscious strides not describe any individual in a derogatory manner simply because I disagree with their viewpoint. I have even gone to the length of not calling out evil, even when it is certainly evil’s face so as to avoid conflict and further division. And this last sentence has me particularly concerned because it is not in my DNA not to call out evil even though others may disagree with me.

My voice cannot become complacent, cautious, and simply write plain vanilla platitudes.

Trusting my voice is a choice and it certainly a heavy lift indeed.

If any of my daily horoscopes has convinced me of today is that my personal growth and my Christian faith are the source of my ally continuum in all relationships and as a writer.

Ally Continuum

I am an ADVOCATE – it is in my DNA.

It is what it is (my apologies to Jerry Seinfeld, Twenty-three Hours to Kill, Netflix Special). I am trusting my voice to find the appropriate words to advocate for the inclusion of all. I may not get it totally right but I am trying.

You may not like or believe the words I write. That is okay. I will never use the figurative wag of the finger and tell you, you should. I, however, can no longer be apathetic or just aware. I must be active and most certainly an advocate without the name-calling or other tactics that promote division. I may not always fully understand. But I promise you an open mind, ears to hear and a heart to listen to empower all voices and actions for the good of all and not just the privileged.

Looking at the big picture, I have found my voice.


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