COVID-19: Introspection

Lately, I have been thinking about giving up my passion for writing. I feel like a flower with the last two petals left hanging in late September. My mentor, the late Mr. Roberts would tell me to keep writing my way through it.

I wonder if I am losing my voice in this world of opinions. What do I have to offer anyway?

There are so many places of hurt. These places of hurt have always existed long before this global pandemic, but the pandemic has forced us to wallow in our individual four corners of hurt.

What is this place of hurt?

It is a place deep within each of us that has shaped who we are, how we present ourselves to the world, and our perception of our place in the world and the world around us. Some people recognize their place of hurt, how it came to be, and they choose to reside elsewhere. While others refuse to believe this place of hurt exists or are unwilling to leave it. It is easier to stay stuck in that place of hurt. After all, we know what to expect in our place of hurt, don’t we? The journey up the mountain to see that place of hurt differently is too tiring, too difficult.

These places of hurt may be built early in life or somewhere along one’s life journey. Do you know what caused your place of hurt to exist?

I know how my place of hurt came to be. I have taken that long, difficult journey up the mountain. I have a different view of my place of hurt and I see others in their place of hurt more clearly. While their voices have become louder, my voice has become softer even raspy at times. We never truly escape our place of hurt. We either live there or look at it from afar.

a loving heart

This too shall pass.

I hope so. I hope I do not lose my voice completely. But while I may not be writing what I want to write or know how to write, I am still listening, perhaps even better than I was before this global pandemic. I am listening to the voices in these places of hurt and maybe, just maybe I will have something meaningful to offer someone so I can take their hand when they are ready and help them make their way up the mountain. I know they will teach me, if given a chance, how to use my voice once again.

In the meantime,

Be patient. Be kind. Look beyond your place of hurt to see the person next to you in their place of hurt. Stay the distance. Stay home if you can. Stay safe.


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