IF I am being honest, 2020

January 2, 2020 will mark one year of converting to an Intermittent Fasting lifestyle in my journey to wellness in mind, body and spirit. I have not been perfect at intermittent fasting, particularly during football season.

Life is a Football Game

My friends and family know what at avid football fan I am. Most of them do follow “Sheri’s Rules for Football Season” and others do not – my editors and my mother to name just a few. When I left a job a few years ago, the CFO told me he was sorry to see me leave as I was the only person that could use a football player diagram to highlight a route to overcoming a business issue. That farewell comment proves my point about my love for football.

We do not move the ball alone in our life, meaning our success in anything is not solely based upon our own effort. There will be injuries, penalties, touchdowns, wins and losses. The game may go our way when everything and everyone is at the top of their game or maybe not. My journey to wellness, my journey in life is a team effort. It is for you too.

My University of Michigan Wolverines had a winning season, but still could not pull out a win over that other team south of us. Nor did they win the division title game. My Detroit Lions had yet another disastrous losing season and die-hard fans like myself grow weary. Nonetheless, I will be right back there in front of the television, in the stands or listening on the radio hoping for my teams to pull out a victory. I know my “fans” like my husband, my sons, my extended family and friends continue to cheer me on as I do them.

IF I am being honest, hindsight is 2020.

As I reflect on this past year with my conversion to intermittent fasting, I know that the vision for 2020 is more hopeful than in years past. I have finally proven to myself that I can win in my journey to wellness in mind, body and spirit. I have a clear sense of my capabilities in losing weight and becoming healthier. Next year, I will continue to put all I have learned with intermittent fasting into best practice and performance.

Sugar Kills

Modern food manufacturing uses sugar and all the fake sugar derivatives in their processes and marketing to motivate the marketplace to buy in and believe we are eating good food. While I was not a ‘sweets’ person (Okay, I am lying. I used to eat 3 cookies after dinner every night before IF), I liked my football snacks – Cheetos cheese puffs (not the crispy ones), potato chips (with ridges) and French onion dip to name just a few of my favorite snacks.

When I began to look at ALL the foods, I was putting in my food – canned, packaged, frozen, refrigerated – it doesn’t matter! Sugar and preservatives are what is killing me and preventing me from losing weight and developing a healthier lifestyle, not just in body, but it in my mind and spirit too.

Nouns – person, place or thing

Intermittent fasting helped me to understand my relationships with nouns. A person, place, or thing could potentially help me win the game with IF or sabotage it. Whether someone pissed me off, celebrating someone’s win or even my own, either of those nouns could potentially lead me to emotional eating. Attending an event, restaurant or bar enjoying the company of others or commiserating while watching the game on the big screen could have me eating and drinking celebrating the win or drowning sorrows over a loss.

Relationships to those “nouns” that trigger me to overindulge or simply just eat unhealthy never mind the caloric count is more apparent to me as I move into the next year with the IF. I cannot allow these nouns to draw me off-sides or commit an infraction that will penalize my wellness journey in mind, body and spirit.


Digestion is not just about the body. Digestion is a critical component of the mind and spirit. Research, research, research!

Is what is going into my body, mind and spirit true?

Is it kind?

Is it helpful?

Is it noble?

Is it healthy?

One of the best decisions I made this year besides converting to an intermittent lifestyle is staying away in large part from social media in the last quarter of the year – my personal Facebook page and limiting my exposure to Twitter. While I miss the daily interaction with friends and family far and even near, I don’t miss the baiting whether personal, political or the stupid memes. I won’t lie. I contributed to some of that nonsense and still do from time to time. But as I move into 2020, I go back to those questions above with these additions:

Am I contributing to the indigestion?

How is my exercise performance in mind, body and spirit?

Wins vs Losses

During the past year, I have not had any pop (or soda for those of you who are not from the Midwest). I admit that I am dying for a McDonald’s Coca-Cola. I have had 2 drinks of Vernor’s Ginger Ale. And for those of you who again are not from Michigan or the Midwest, Vernor’s is looked upon as medicine.

I lost 27 pounds and if it were not for football season and those damn nouns, I possibly could have lost more weight. I still had a winning season! This is the most weight I have lost in over twenty years.

The biggest win is me. I know now what is possible. I have a greater sense of my identity in mind, body and spirit. Bring it on, 2020!

NO is a complete sentence.

IF I am being honest in 2020, the word no will become my go-to word. No to whatever is unhealthy to me in mind, body and spirit. No to whatever does not contribute to being kind, helpful, noble. No to whatever holds me back from pursuing my passion and purpose. No does not need an explanation. No does not need any defense. No simply means, No.

Night Shift Commentary

For those of you who follow and read this blog on a regular basis (and I hope more will join them – make it a 2020 resolution, will you?), you will notice I have updated my blog banner. There is much to accomplish and comment on in the New Year. Of course, being an Owl much of what I think about is during the night shift. I will still post book reviews and other such things, as well as the sporadic post on my series, “IF I am being honest, my journey to wellness.” New commentary will be on healing with respect to the topics of the day. Plus, it wouldn’t be the Blogging Owl if not for those “Oh! For the Love of Scotch” or “Enough of this Nonsense” tales.


May your 2020 be filled with PEACE, HOPE, and JOY!

The Blogging Owl would not be possible without my editors, Barkley and Penny. It appears they have already started celebrating. They would like wish you a Happy New Year too.

My Editors 3

The Blogging Owl

Thank you to all my loyal readers. I appreciate you !

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