Facebook: Saving My Spirit

I. Just. Can’t. Do. It. Anymore.

I cannot keep scrolling.

I announced on my personal Facebook page that my personal Facebook page would no longer be active as of November 1, 2019. No explanation.

I had been considering logging off Facebook since my friend, Nick announced his departure from Facebook effective October 1, 2019. One of his friends asked if Nick did have self-control to manage his time on Facebook. I do not remember Nick’s answer or even if he answered the question.

I confess. I have no self-control. I have at times kept from posting for brief periods of time hoping I could break my addiction. But I would always sneak a peek and begin scrolling until either passion, opinion or stupidity would get the best of me and I would begin posting and scrolling all over again.

This time it is different.

This time it is about saving my spirit.

In fact, I have already logged off personal Facebook page. It has been about 5 days and I do not regret one minute of stopping the scrolling.

It is not about disagreeing on the latest political news or fake news depending upon what side or neither side of the aisle one favors. It is not about listening or not listening to the ‘other side’ of the latest hot debate topic.

This time it is different.

I am regaining what I have lost.

It is about wasting valuable time scrolling. Scrolling past inaccurate, incendiary, divisive commentary and memes that are just plain bullying the other side – whatever side – it doesn’t matter anymore – whatever the topic! 

Cats vs Dogs! (dogs, btw) FOR THE LOVE OF SCOTCH!!

My spirit just couldn’t take anymore.

I am not trying to start a revolution. I just can’t do Facebook personally anymore. So, Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy whatever holiday you celebrate, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, My sympathies…

I am off to reclaim my time, my space, my purpose.


Head shot 2019 - revised

The Blogging Owl

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One thought on “Facebook: Saving My Spirit

  1. Sandra Wilson October 28, 2019 / 9:39 am

    I will miss seeing and hearing from you. I understand totally though. Love you!


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