Mothers of the Fallen

Mothers of the Fallen

Willows bending

Along the banks

Of life’s flowing river

Forever mourning

So great a loss

Of sons and daughters

Whose bravery’s call

So gallantly answered

Their indelible spirits

Drift upon the current

Toward heaven’s sea

One by one

An unbearable toll

For freedom’s sake

Sorrow shades the joy

Reaching for one last touch

Memories reflecting

What could have been

Immeasurable love and pride

Shines brightly as the sun

For they will never be forgotten

© 2016  Sheri Prielipp-Falzone

In honor of those fallen to secure the liberty and safety of the United States of America, never forget all who have sacrificed for this great nation, not only on Memorial Day but every day.

One thought on “Mothers of the Fallen

  1. The Blogging Owl May 27, 2017 / 8:15 am

    Reblogged this on The Prayer Journals and commented:

    Let us not forget those who sacrificed for our freedom, as well as, those they left behind. Prayers on this Memorial Day Weekend and every day.


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