Staycation: Three “R” Tips

Guest writer, TL Clemmer is an automotive executive who lives with her husband, Bob, an artist and craftsman in southern California. As you enter their front gate, you are greeted by a stained-glass patio gate. She enjoys tending to her tomato garden in the company of her dog, Parker. One of her greatest joys is the monthly lunch date with her Mother, sister and nieces.

I have traveled the world for both business and pleasure. I highly recommend traveling to experience the culture, native cuisine, and what the world offers regionally and internationally. My husband would shut his sign and art studio down in Carlsbad, CA to surf the big waves in Mexico and Hawaii. What fun!

When circumstances change

A year ago, my husband suffered a stroke. Our travel excursions have changed.
Although he has progressed with rehabilitation for his stroke, as a big and proud man, he wouldn’t think of traveling with the aid of a wheelchair and walking long distances is not an option. So, traveling by air is out of the mix for traveling to far off destinations.

Now what?

The Staycation

The term, Staycation is a combination of vacationing at home or nearby. The staycation gained popularity during the United States’ financial-crisis of 2007-2010. Individuals or families would participate in day trips to points of interest or leisure activities.

Alas! Why not try it?

After two successful Staycations, I can now classify ourselves as experts. But in order to have a truly relaxing and restful vacation, I believe the staycationer needs to abide by the following tips:

Transportation imageTransportation: No airplanes, boats, trains, taxis, or buses

Drive your own car. Pack it with the comforts of our home. By that I mean, your own coffee pot and favorite coffee. No Exceptions!

(Although, if you do drive for living in your own car, consider renting a comfortable or fun car.)


Social Media clipartElectronic Devices: No laptops, PDA’s, phones

NO posting to Social Media allowed! Not even scrumptious meals or romantic sunsets. NO Facebook location notifications – you don’t want to be found, nor do you want thieves to find you are not at home.

Resort clipart


Vacation Accommodations: Insert the word, “Resort”

Whether the accommodations are by mountains, sea, or wherever your adventure takes you, make sure it has the word, “Resort” in the name.

Vacation Activities

Do it! Whatever amenity is available, use them all.

Order room service, relax in a whirlpool spa, massage, pool, wear the resort robes hanging in the closet, avail yourself to the mini bar, and if there is a concierge, allow them to make the reservations.


Happy Hour

Awww! Happy Hour! Never miss it.

Enough said.


Sleep at hotel


Sleep. Sleep a lot. Sleep whenever you want. Put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door.


Picnic basket

Pack all your favorite snacks and beverages

Pack a few great snacks and wine, beer, etc. We enjoyed crackers and cheese, fresh fruit, gourmet popcorn and some dark chocolate. We hate those two-cup hotel coffee makers, so hence, the packing of our own coffee maker and favorite coffee.

Relaxing Actitivies

Be present in the moment!

Be present mentally and physically in the space you are in. It’s okay to take a long, hot shower and use three large bath towels and slip into the robe (or nothing), and not dry your hair.


Memories, memories, memories…

Pick one special place you want to spend money at. I searched the internet and picked a bookstore that was over 100 years old. Find a happy place you can get lost in near to your resort.

Last, but not least, really try to stick to NO electronic devices and social media. Wait until you get home to post to social media and boast about the best staycation ever!

Another important tip! Pick a reliable proxy at work who you tag as the “go to” person in your email auto-reply. No email. None!

Relax, Rest, Restore

If you don’t follow through on my tips for no electronic devices, social media and email, you are short changing yourself on being present in the moment. It doesn’t matter if your staycation is in your backyard or my recommendation of a resort you can travel to by car, but you owe it to yourself to relax, rest and restore your mind, body, and spirit.

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