For the love of scotch! Enough already!

Spring Cleaning Owl

Spring cleaning is exhausting work! There still may be more updates but The Blogging Owl is now ready to carry on the business (she hopes) of entertaining, inspiring, sharing and informing her readers. Below is information about what you can expect when you visit The Blogging Owl. The categories have been renamed with hashtags.

About Page

Sheri L. Prielipp – Falzone (I know! It’s a funny hyphenated name; but don’t worry about pronouncing the name just remember to follow The Blogging Owl.)

As a long-time insomniac and writer, Sheri shares her creative writing, poetry, wit and perspective as, The Blogging Owl.

Sheri lives in Michigan with her husband, Vinny Sal. Together, they have two sons who are currently away at college. As a pet rescue advocate, her other two children, Barkley LeRoy and Penelope “Penny” Louise completes the nest. She is an avid sports enthusiast.

For over 30 years, Sheri has been and continues to be financial services executive and entrepreneur by day, and a writer by night.

Twitter: @TheBloggingOwl
Instagram: thebloggingowl

Other website: – Twitter: @PrayerPrompts


The Blogging Owl offers opinions, loves, and pet peeves about the world at large in business, politics, and just about anything inside and outside the nest.


Yes, you read that correctly. Not Fitbit. Fitbitter. Because the body seems to go to hell after the age of 50. The Blogging Owl talks about health, diet, and fitness.


When she can’t find her glasses, The Blogging Owl puts it here.


This space is reserved for guest bloggers of The Blogging Owl. If you would like to be a guest blogger on The Blogging Owl, email your blog post inquiry to


The Blogging Owl is a creative writer and poet at heart.


The Blogging Owl reviews books, Podcasts, products, and services.

The Blogging Owl is not a hard-core editor of book reviews, but shares insights on books and Podcasts for the voracious reader and listener – new authors to classics – honest reviews and offers questions for the authors. The Blogging Owl will review products and services she has used and not just commentary.

The Blogging Owl review has a 1 Hoot to 5 Hoot Scale.1 to 5 Hoot Scale




The Blogging Owl Sports covers all sports news, her analysis and opinion. The Blogging Owl is a football fanatic, so rest assured sports news will always serve football as the main entree.


The Blogging Owl shares inspiring stories about her Christian faith here and at her website, The Prayer Journals –


“The Watering Can – Helping All of God’s Creatures Thrive.”

The Watering Can is my personal initiative to serve others in need, to be a service resource, and serves as a mentor for others in their development to become a watering can in their community and beyond.

A Watering Can is a life of service built on the belief that each person and all God’s creatures have intrinsic value deserving of love and a quality life without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, politics, gender, sexual orientation, breed or species.

Writing Services Page

Don’t forget to check out the Writing Services page next to the “About” page at the top!

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