In honor of Maddie

The unimaginable pain is losing a child. I hope I never experience such a loss. How do I comfort someone who is suffering the loss of their child?  No words are adequate.

Madison Paige is the daughter of a family friend who tragically lost his daughter this past week. As he and others shared her photos on Facebook, I saw a beautiful smile and a loving spirit. She brought such joy! Now through her gift of organ donation, “Maddie” lives and loves on in others who now share her beautiful smile and loving spirit.

Maddie is a Watering Can of the highest measure. In honor of this beautiful child, Maddie, please consider registering as an organ donor.

Madison Paige

Organ Donation

It is easy to become registered as an Organ Donor. I became registered as an Organ Donor when I renewed my driver license at the Michigan Secretary of State office.

Read more about organ donation here:

Organ Donation

Living Organ Donation

The Mayo Clinic – Facts about Organ Donation

What is a Watering Can?

A Watering Can is a person who helps others thrive. I believe our purpose here on earth is to be of service to others.God has given each one of us gifts to help others thrive. I began The Watering Can campaign in January 2015 as personal initiative to serve others and motivate others to do the same.

The Watering Can

“The Watering Can – Helping All of God’s Creatures Thrive.”

The Watering Can is my personal initiative to serve others in need, to be a service resource, and to provide service development for those who want to become their own watering can in their community and beyond.

The Watering Can is a life of service built on the belief that each person and all God’s creatures have intrinsic value deserving of love and a quality life without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, politics, gender, sexual orientation, breed or species.

“Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy.” Thomas Merton

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