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The Blogging Owl Muses

January 20, 2017:  

deep valley
the shifting shadows

January 21, 2017:  

power of women
never underestimate
mother’s wooden spoon

January 22, 2017:  

an old wound
fingering the scab
a blind eye

January 23, 2017:

rise and shine
a tea kettle whistles
sparrow’s song

January 24, 2017:

shutting off
social media
alarm clock

January 25, 2017:

we all stand
at God’s judgment seat
the front row

January 26, 2017:

folding thoughts
this morning’s laundry
into words

January 27, 2017:

off Facebook
tired of scrolling
my last post

Cleansing my spirit

Over this past week, I could no longer stomach the endless parade of unoriginal thought on Facebook. The endless sharing of memes that either are supposed to inspire agreement or share in the hatred that is abounding in this nation all became too much for me.

January 28, 2017:

cleansing the spirit
facebook fast



The Facebook platform has allowed us (I’ve included myself in here as well) to voice our own definition of character.  This is Dictionary.com’s Definition of Character.

And I wonder if we would have the same fierce fortitude to voice, and in some cases, vomit all our thoughts physically in front of the other person(s) rather than behind a faceless electronic device. There have been so many times I have erased a post or a retort to another’s post before hitting the post button. And there have been other times where my left hand physically grabbed my right wrist while saying out loud, “Take your hands off the keyboard!”

My insightful friend, Lyn says, “We can choose to be offended… or not.”

I love that insight if what is being said is directing to me personally.  But what if what is being said is being directed toward the vulnerable?  I’m only musing here.


Original thought is dead

But it isn’t what people type out so much, that is, if they were really trying to be thoughtful in explaining their position or points of view, but it’s all those damn memes!

Memes are NOT funny!

I don’t care if you are a Republican, a Democrat, a Star Wars fan, whatever…

Memes are NOT inspiring!

I don’t care if you have the most beautiful daughter or love you son, then SAY IT in your own words! I will not think you are conceited, or whatever…

Memes are NOT original!

And NO, I won’t type “YES,” or “AMEN,” and I certainly won’t share it. Furthermore, I won’t pass on to the next ten people to a prayer to cure cancer – not because I don’t want to cure cancer because 100% of people I know are already praying for a cure anyways.

Okay, memes may be okay to you but not to me. So I spent most of my time on Facebook just scrolling, scrolling, and scrolling.

Seeking first to understand and to be understood

And the non-stop news article posts!

OH! For the love of scotch! (Yes, I am guilty too.)  I posted an article within 2 hours of President Trump being sworn into office about the FHA withdrawing lowering their fees which would have given access to affordable housing to more people. My day time job is in mortgage operations where we had just received the FHA compliance bulletin in our office. Yet! Someone responded by saying it was probably fake news! And another posted that they were only withdrawing the fees that had not yet taken effect. Ah, excuse me? Compliance rules require disclosing new fees if the mortgage closing will occur after the fees become in effect. There are compliance timing rules.

Now, of course, the average consumer may or may not understand this element but rather than posting a comment why not post a question?  “Why does this article upset you?”  Why don’t we seek to understand first rather than vomiting ignorance through our keyboard? (Yes! I am including myself in this group too.)

It’s your Facebook Wall, post whatever you want.

Just keep scrolling. And in the words of my friend, Lyn, I again offer her advice again, “You can choose to be offended, or not” and risk being unfriended or blocked.

I have un-friended friends and family because they were incessant on telling me what I should post or told me I must delete a post where the content of my post had nothing to do with them personally, or even insinuated anything they personally (to my knowledge) may have been involved.  Some were unfriended simply because they were abusive to other Facebook friends who posted on my timeline.

My Facebook future

I am not sure when, or if, I will be posting to my personal Facebook wall again. The political climate is just too hateful, unoriginal thought is too mind numbing, and it is hurting my mind, body, and spirit to just keep scrolling. I’m choosing not to be offended by stopping and getting off the Facebook bus.

I will still be posting to my writing Facebook page, The Insomniac Writer – The Blogging Owl. Writing feeds my soul and God feeds my spirit.

You can continue to find me here on my blog and on my other blog, http://www.theprayerjournals.com, on Twitter @thebloggingowl and @prayerprompts.

Peace out!


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