#FitbitTheOwl – The Business Plan

I never quite grasped an effective and consistent diet or exercise plan as an adult. Growing up, I loved playing kickball, softball, gym classes, and in high school I was a majorette in the high school marching band and ran track. I was active and I never thought of those activities as a diet and exercise program.

What I did grasp as an adult was developing sales, marketing, and business plans. I believe the success I had in developing business came from my love of watching and participating in sports. The more I thought about the correlation between my love of sports and my managing ability of sales teams, I decided to turn my perimeter walk into a business plan instead of an exercise plan.

Defining the Business Plan

So what would a successful #FitbitTheOwl business plan look like?

#1.  NO wiggles, jiggles, dimples, or flab flapping.

#2.  Wearing a pair of jeans comfortably that don’t scream, “MOM!!!!!!”

#3.  Walking along the beach in a tankini and not being mistaken for an M4 Sherman.

#4.  Ultimately, profitability will be measured in feeling 30 years younger. Or at least, I would feel like I do not have an autoimmune disease that leaves me with sore, inflamed joints, sleepless nights, and the inability of walking up a few stair steps without leaning on a hand railing.

Did you notice what I didn’t mention?

Business Sales Lingo

In the business world of managing sales teams, there are numbers –  a number of sales calls converted into a number of appointments, and a number of appointments converted into almighty sales dollars.

How many sales calls per hour does a salesperson have to do to convert into an appointment?

How many steps does it take to complete one lap?

How many appointment presentations can be converted into a sale?

How many laps does it take to convert into 10,000 steps?

How many closed sales appointments are necessary to achieve the expected sales quota?

How many 10,000 step days is necessary to achieve my health and exercise goals?

What is the sales trajectory necessary for a successful business plan?

What is the trajectory of the perimeter walk into a robust, effective fitness plan to make it lifelong?

In other words, I am changing the exercise lingo of steps, leaps, and fitness goals into the business lingo I understand – calls, appointments, and sales quotas.

Measuring the Plan’s Progress

So what didn’t I mention in my business plan above?

Almost all fitness plans recommend taking bodily measurements, weighing in periodically, snapping before and after photos. Firstly, I do have a “before” photo that is seared into my memory. I don’t need that photo posted on my refrigerator or anywhere else for that matter. Secondly, I believe my inability to master a fitness program is the periodic weighing in and measuring various body parts. These fitness recommendations often are detractors to success rather than motivation to keep going if not enough progress has been made during a specific period of time.

The Perimeter Walk Business Plan will not be measuring success in the number of pounds or inches lost.

Nope, in fact…

My clothes, not the measuring tape will be telling me if I am making progress. I promised myself I would not buy new clothes until my current wardrobe tells me it’s time to go shopping.

The mirror has never lied to me (the bitch). I trust her to show me whether the love handles and the muffin (okay, bread top) are disappearing.

Thirdly, and most importantly, what has kept me walking the perimeter the last five weeks has been feeling stronger in mind, body, and spirit.


“Before” and “After” photos…

It is my intention that next summer I will be posting “before” and “after” photos. It is actually something I am dreading, but I feel it is necessary to keep me honest with you, my readers. As I mentioned in my last post, #FitbitTheOwl – The Perimeter Walk, I am a bit competitive. I am hoping to win an Olympic Gold Medal in “after” photos next summer.

The Perimeter Walk Updates

Walking the perimeter has not gotten boring. In fact, I look forward to it. Penny and Barkley look forward to it too. Penny is my sales manager. At 6:50 p.m. Every night, she is there at my side, staring at me, licking me, and pawing at me.

“It’s time, IT’S TIME!!!”

So out the door, the three of us go. Penny is happily loping around the yard and Barkley with this blue squeaking ball in his mouth ready to play fetch.


Lap Counter

I no longer use the Tally Counter App. Instead, I use a yarn, stitch counter I found in my craft room. It’s smaller and I can easily keep track my laps with a simple click. I have also found that I am more relaxed without being married to my iPhone while I am walking the perimeter.

The Water BottleWater Bottle

I continue to use my 24 oz. water bottle with my golf stroke counter. I now consistently drink a minimum of 72 oz. per day. I have cut down my caffeine and alcohol consumption.


My next post in this series will be “#FitbitTheOwl – The Bonus Plan.”  I will be discussing my strategic sales trajectory planning for achieving successful ‘business results.’

Please join me next time when I announce the business plan’s marketing tagline!

This is the second post in a continuing series, #FitBitTheOwl.

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3 thoughts on “#FitbitTheOwl – The Business Plan

  1. Jackie September 5, 2016 / 6:29 pm

    I love this! You are going about this sensibly and sustainably with clear goals in mind. Incorporating Penny and Barkley is great! In the winter you can shovel your path and keep going all year long. And it’s all in the safety and bigotry of your own back yard. Fabulous!


    • The Blogging Owl September 5, 2016 / 7:00 pm

      I do plan to shovel a path along the perimeter. Hoping Penny and Barkley don’t make a “poop” path too. Thanks for the support and encouragement Jackie!


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