Writing Their Stories

I have been adopting rescued pups since 1993. Barkley LeRoy and Penelope (Penny) Louise were adopted on May 12, 2012, from Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan, www.rpsm.org.  Barkley and Penny are graduates of the inmate training program at the Coldwater Correctional Facility in Coldwater, Michigan. Both of them were awarded a Good Canine Citizen Certificate.

Penny’s story was documented in the “American Strays, The Series” in Detroit, Michigan by The World Animal Awareness Society, www.wa2s.org. Her story is told in the following three links:

Penny Goes to Prison Part 1 – Penelope’s Rescue – American Strays, The Series


Penny Goes to Prison Part 2 – Penelope’s Recovery –American Strays, The Series


Penny Goes to Prison Part 3 – Penelope Gets a New Home – American Strays, The Series


Dogster Magazine, http://www.dogster.com, featured in the Monday Miracle column, November 30, 2015:


The Detroit Free Press picked up Penny’s story from The South Lyon Herald, December 17, 2015.


Here are the latest adventures of Barkley and Penny on a recent Saturday afternoon in Ludington State Park, Michigan.  

Sniffing out stories

long field trip
sniffing out stories

two miles out










two miles

we found our story

the lighthouse



four mile hike
middle of sand dunes

their stories

at the park
they wrote their stories
on each tree

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Sheri Prielipp-Falzone, The Insomniac Writer – The Blogging Owl


Please consider saving other pups like Barkley and Penny.  Help them write happier stories!


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