Michigan Primary 2016 – I Voted!


I am truly grateful for the freedom and the right to choose my elected officials to govern the United States of America. I am most grateful for those who sacrificed to allow me the opportunity to cast my vote.



Excuse me while I try to wash out the bad taste in my mouth from my experience in the voting booth today.  In the state of Michigan, voters are required to designate whether they are Republican or a Democrat.  I am neither.  Yet in order to vote in the primary, I must darken the circle for one of these two parties.

It is 2016. Both of my sons will be casting their ballot in their first presidential primary and November election. I am proud my two sons are taking their right and freedom to vote seriously. I worry about my son’s future and the future of the U.S. Although I am not a Bernie Sanders fan politically, I understand his appeal. He seems genuine and forthright. He talks to them, not down to them. He doesn’t take the female vote, particularly in my son’s age group, for granted as does his Democratic opponent. Heck, the Republican Party doesn’t even acknowledge young Americans.

I have never been as disgusted with the field of candidates as in this election cycle. As a Christian, I am floored by the swooning adoration by the Christian evangelical community for the Republican Party front runners. The candidates ardently profess their faith in Christ, but their conduct reflects otherwise. It’s astonishing to me the Republican front runners bigotry and racism.

As a woman, I am profoundly disappointed in the leader in the Democratic Party. Her zeal for power comes at anyone’s expense whoever gets in her way to it. She carries herself with the righteous attitude of being above the law and above the rest of us who she professes to serve.  I was just as much disturbed by Gloria Steinem’s and Madeline Albright’s comments and their attitude for today’s young women.  “Yes, you paved the way but you have no right to assume their loyalty simply on the basis of gender.  Lead them! Not lecture them!”

No one is perfect.

I am not perfect.

But is this the best America has to offer?

I can only hope and pray that before November a miracle will happen; because truly, I believe the United States of America will not only become the laughing stock of the world – if we aren’t already; and the world will certainly become a much more dangerous place to live.

I don’t know who I will be voting for in November.  But, I can tell you who won’t get my vote.

#NeverTrump   #NeverCruz   #NeverHRC

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