The Watering Can

“Water is a necessity to live.  Love is a necessity to thrive.”  The Watering Can

In the fall of 2014, I began a personal initiative called, The Watering Can – Helping All God’s Creatures Thrive©.  This initiative is to serve and help others thrive in faith, family, career or simply, in life. The Watering Can is also a resource to mentor others in a life of service in their community and beyond.

The Watering Can is a life of service grounded in the belief that each person and all God’s creatures have intrinsic value deserving of love and a quality of life  without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, politics, gender, sexual orientation, breed or species.  Each one of us has a purpose, gifts and talents to help one another blossom to our fullest potential.  Unfortunately, not all seeds have been cast on fertile ground or healthy environments to succeed.

Owl''s The Watering Can

“Your gifts are not about YOU, leadership in not about YOU, your purposed is not about YOU.  A life of significance is about SERVING those with your gifts, your leadership, your purpose.”  Kevin Hall, author of Aspire

Kindness is free.

A smile is free.

A hug is free.

A word of encouragement is free.

All these drops of love swell into a ripple of hope.

Water Ripple2

YET, there is so much more that each of us can do as individuals to help all God’s creatures thrive.  A Watering Can use their time, talents and treasures in traditional and creative ways to lift one another up.

Follow me here at The Blogging Owl.  Future Watering Can posts will be about people and organizations that are helping all God’s creatures thrive so you can be encouraged to become a Watering Can too.

Are you a Watering Can? 

I would love to hear about how you are helping others thrive.

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