The Sea of Sorrow

Sea of Sorrow - Ludington

The Sea of Sorrow

Raging waves of grief
Pounding heart’s shore
A riptide’s powerful grasp
Taking sands with it

Winds stealing laughter
Tossing it to sorrow’s sea
The futile fight left adrift
Finally, gulping the loss

Light pierces the veil
Time abates the sadness
Leaving memories sparkling
Upon grief’s rippling ache

Windswept tears lay drying
On heart’s battered shore
Reminiscing all the footprints
And where the castles once stood


Written by: Sheri L. Prielipp-Falzone
© 2016 All Rights Reserved






The Fragile

Dedicated to those who suffer from mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction, and the people who love them.  

The Fragile Photo.jpg

The Fragile

A fragile spirit
Woven in our heart
Snatched away
Lives left dangling
There gapes a wound
Too deep for healing

An unspoken conversation
Taken place in the deepest parts
Of the human heart
Experiences too huge to be born
Death speaks to death
A conversation the living cannot hear

God’s presence
In every circumstance
In every moment
God who stood before
Our birthing
Stands past our dying

Facing absolute weakness
Facing death
Facing the world
God was there
In that unspoken conversation
Receiving the fragile

Crippled by our loss
God’s mercy receives us
The living now the fragile
Past the greater reality of daylight
And there into the night of tears
Holding us in our grief

Written by:  Sheri L. Prielipp-Falzone

© 2016 All Rights Reserved