#Vegan2016 Pop Quiz Fail

24 days in.

Within the first 10 days I lost 3 pounds. On day 15, it was a Friday. Vinny Sal didn’t feel like cooking dinner. If I can’t tear open a box or  open a bag and pop it in the microwave, we go out for dinner. I hate to cook.  Actually, the kitchen hates me.

But were we ready for this pop quiz?

Vinny Sal wanted to go to a vegan restaurant. I didn’t want to drive that far. We opted for the local Olive Garden. Could we actually go into a restaurant and not mainline ricotta or snort grated Parmesan? We looked at the “healthy alternative” choices. Not really healthy, but we ordered angel hair pasta sautéed in garlic and olive oil with tomatoes and asparagus tips. The entrée featured shrimp. We asked our server to take the shrimp off and just double the vegetables. Vinny Sal had the salad minus the grated Parmesan with bread sticks and I had the minestrone soup. One glass of chardonnay. Water with lemon. It was satisfying. I felt full and comforted, although I worried about the oil. Yet, we felt proud for making decent food choices in a dangerous environment.

I may have passed the first pop quiz, but the following week; I failed the next one.

I was starving and the thought of adding more beans and nuts to my diet to fuel my body was making me beyond cranky. I ate 2 pieces of deli ham. It tasted awful. Two days later, I was running late to a meeting and I stopped at McDonald’s for an egg McMuffin meal. It was satisfying for about 3 minutes and my stomach felt bloated for the rest of the day. The next day, I decided I needed more protein but I couldn’t stomach any more beans. I boiled a skinless, boneless chicken breast with mixed vegetables. I was able to get through the day without scavenging for anything vegan.

24 days in.

This is what I have learned.

I have replaced meat with bread and (not always gluten-free) pasta, which is an absolute no-no for a Hashimoto’s patient. I dream of meat and if I don’t eat meat soon, blood will be spilled in my house – it will be from the blood running down my chin from tearing into a bleu-prepared Kansas City strip.  Don’t bother with the A-1, I’ll take it naked.

Dairy kills. I have a high sensitivity to casein. Cashew or tofu cheese is NOT cheese. Quit trying to pass it off as cheese. It is NOT cheese and it will NEVER be cheese.

Nutritional yeast. Women think of infections when they hear the word yeast. Or should I just say, no comment?

Eating is no longer a comforting family experience. The vegan diet is about fueling the body. I am like a squirrel constantly trying to find a nut. I am tired of nuts!!

Men lose weight more easily. Vinny Sal is adapting better to the vegan diet than I am, although he does slip on occasion and affectionately calls me, cheddar.

24 days in.

I weighed myself.  For the love of scotch!  My 3 pounds are back!

I am a competitor. I am not quitting. I may have failed the pop quiz, but I have not failed the class. Not yet – because if Vegan You Can.


Vegan Quiz.pptx

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